Sevigny Demo @ OMB’s Indoor Range Grand Opening 1

There was a great turnout at OMB’s Indoor Range Grand Opening this past weekend! Thank you all who were able to come! We had good feedback from Dave Sevigny’s Demos Saturday and Sunday! Other shooters were able to ge

t a few tips on presentation, draw and how to correctly grip a pistol. Also Dave shared some of his own training methods!
Check out this new video at the OMB Indoor Range!


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One thought on “Sevigny Demo @ OMB’s Indoor Range Grand Opening

  • Police Training

    I’ve done business with OMB in the past and I’ve always been impressed with their customer service. A buddy of mine is a police sergeant in the KC area and told me they were opening a new range. It looks very nice. Next time I visit him, I look forward to going by and doing a little shooting there.