Sights for the NEW Glock 44 7

To address numerous inquiries about sight compatibility with the Glock 44 .22 Rimfire, here are the recommended options:

  1. GS805 Target Set, Plain Rear/Fiber Optic .225” tall front AND a .015” G-Shim for a .240” face height. GS805 and G-Shim are sold separately. This combo is ideal because the G-Shim increases the front sight contact surface with the slide. This improves hold on the polymer slide.
  2. GS922 Target set, Plain Rear/Fiber Optic .245” tall front. This set can work just as well. I just prefer the concept of option 1 on a polymer slide. 
  3. GS412 Defense set, Tritium rear/Tritium .225” tall front with .015” G-Shim for a .240” face height. Defense sets include a G-Shim.

G44 tests were conducted with an experienced GSSF Master Class competitor’s G44 with a GS805 Target set and G-Shim. At 15 yards the point of aim and point of impact was at zero.


Sights must be installed by a qualified gunsmith. This is especially important with the G44 due to the polymer dovetail. Improperly installed rear sights will result in a loose fit, and/or may shear polymer and/or will push the sight off axis. Another problem can happen from over-torquing the set screw. A lot of things can go wrong if you don’t have the knowledge, experience and skills to properly install your sights on ANY pistol. Instead of risking it, find an experienced source to perform the installation.

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7 thoughts on “Sights for the NEW Glock 44

  • 1Rangemaster*

    Hi, Dave.
    Just wanted to inform I put your new “Tall” sights on a G44(very carefully!-no problems when one goes slow and easy). Green fiber optic rod in the front.
    Great sight! Finally got to the range(dang Chinese virus), and ran a Dot Torture clean at 3 yards. The green really jumps at you. The black rod is a great idea for those who want it. Thanks!

  • Nyoka

    I recently installed a set of your GS805 Target Sights with the suggested 0.015” shim on my new Glock 44 pistol. My pistol now consistently shoots 3” low with good quality ammunition. I have tried Winchester M22 40 grn. solid, CCI 40 grn. Minni Mag,and Remington 40 grn. Golden Bullets. I am experienced with installing both front and rear sights on many different brands of pistols. I use a sight installation tool.
    Any good ideas would be appreciated.

    • admin Post author

      Try removing the Shim from the front sight. This would bring up your POI. Not all shooters and pistols are the same and therefore results can slightly differ. In our testing, we found that all our shooters needed the G-Shim, which is why we recommend it. Nonetheless, the shim is great to have and fits almost all glock front sights.
      We greatly appreciate your feedback and supporting our business.
      Take care,
      Brooke Sevigny

  • Roger McCaskill

    Good morning Brooke,
    I ordered some sights a couple years ago and again this morning. Before any more time goes by, I was pleasantly surprised with the Sevigny Performance hat in the last shipment, which I use all the time. Thank you very much, Roger McCaskill

    • admin Post author

      We recommend our GS805 sights and the G-Shim for the G44. All our fiber optic sets include 1 rod of each color, black, green and red.