Sevigny Defense Tritium Sights

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DEFENSE TRITIUM SIGHTS                                   

Glock, Yellow Tritium Rear with Green Tritium Front Set


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Front Sight: Serrated Green Tritium .125” wide x .225” tall 

Rear Sight: Plain Yellow Tritium .235″ tall OR .250” tall x .150” wide notch

GS412 Includes: .015″ G-Shim (front sight shim)

Compatibility Guidelines:

Part Number GS412 (Standard .250” tall tritium rear sight with .225” tall tritium front sight)

All Glock models. Not for MOS.

One G-Shim is included with each set of GS412 Defense Tritium Standard Glock sights.

G-Shim increases the front sight height by .015” and will lower POI by 1”-3” on average, depending on the gun model and target distance. The G-Shim fit is tight on the front sight boss. Use only one G-Shim per front sight.

 .225” tall (and the former .215”) front sights may produce a higher POI with most GEN 4, GEN 5 standard models and all Longslides. If POI is high, you can use a hold with more of the target visible above the front sight, also known as a “6-oclock” hold.  G-Shim accessory can lower POI 1”-3” on average.

GS412 Defense rear sight will fit Slimline Glock models but will appear slightly large. Outer width of rear sight remains inside of slide width.

Part Number GS731 (Slimline .235” tall tritium rear sight with .225” tall tritium front sight)

Slimline Glock models. Not for MOS.

GS731 Slimline Defense rear sights will fit Standard Glock models but will appear small in relation to slide width.


Front sight height recommendations are determined by the Point of Aim (POA) and Point of Impact (POI) test results using factory stock Glock pistols with Sevigny Performance rear sights. Test distances are 45-75 feet.

Gun model, barrel type, ammunition, lighting and shooter all contribute to individual POA/POI results.

With drift adjustable only sights, it is recommended the shooter learns correct POA once point once POI elevation results are discovered.

Sight Features

  • Engineered for precision and speed
  • Deep, wide, square-cut notch rear sight for the fastest pickup
  • Matte, smooth rear sight with serrated front post draws eye to the front sight
  • Ramped, serrated front sight for consistent contrast
  • Stack & Shoot 2-dot tritium for positive alignment
  • Large green tritium front with subdued yellow tritium rear with blackened ring for top low-light performance
  • Tritium guaranteed for 12 years
  • Tracktion™ cuts for tactical applications
  • Drift adjustable rear
  • Quality construction machined from steel bar stock
  • Ion Bond protective coating
  • Engraved Sevigny Performance ™ logo rear sight and “SP” marked front sight for authenticity
  • Proven by Dave Sevigny, winner of 250+ major pistol championships
  • Includes front sight screw and rear sight set screw
  • GS412 includes accessory “G-Shim” to lower point of impact 1”-3” depending on model and distance
  • Installation by qualified gunsmith recommended
  • Made in the USA
  • US PATENT US D534986






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GS412 .225" tall front ONLY, GS412 .250" tall rear & .225" tall front, GS731 Slimline .235" tall rear & .225" tall front

1 review for Sevigny Defense Tritium Sights

  1. Rob H. (verified owner)

    These sights are amazing! I found out Sevigny sights from Warrior Poet Society, and after buying one set, I bought them for all my Glock pistols. The two-dot arrangement is FAR better than the three-dot arrangement of other sites on the market. The narrower front sight is also awesome, allowing you to really center your front sight between the rear without losing laser focus on the front sight.

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