2013 SHOT Show Debrief


Brooke and Phil

We kicked off at Media Day demoing the FNH FNS-9 Competition, the one with the 5” barrel and Sevigny sights, and FNX-45 Tactical. Temperatures during the day were in the 20’s. Gaston J Glock Style set us up with a variety of cold weather gear that did the job keeping us warm. When we had a break in the action, my teammate Erik Lund brought out his personal SCAR 17 to put some rifle rounds downrange.  Beneath a knit cap I wore Pro-Fits from Altus Brands/Pro-Ears. The Pro-Fits allowed me to hear conversation without strain while remaining protected from the sound of gunfire.  Normally I wear solid custom molded ear plugs with Pro Ears Pro-Tac muffs but in this case having electronic molded ears was a big plus.  I also use the Pro-Fits while in training environments. While on the subject of safety, please keep your eye and ear protection ON when at a gun range.  I could not believe how many times I was forced to approach someone to remind them of this!  Whether you are the one driving the firearm or as a spectator, high speed projectiles and fragments do not discriminate where they come to rest. Protect yourself and the liability of the range at all times please. Tuesday through Friday we were in the FNH booth at Sands Expo and Convention Center.  I was stationed at the FNS pistol kiosk, surrounded by FNH’s diverse product line. FNH team members and employees were engaging visitors and answering questions. Several visits during the show stood out, from fellow competitors to personal friends, but speaking with the “Burner”, Jerry Barnhart was a highlight for me.  For a long time I’ve respected him as one of the most accomplished and technical shooters to ever live.  He expressed interest in IPSC Classic (Single Stack) so it would be exciting to have him back competing again.  And before I forget, Phil Hemphill is awesome too! I caught up with him at the show.

Dave and the FN Boys

Greg Jordan, Erik Lund and Dave at Media Day

Wednesday night we attended the FNH 3-Gun Nation Shoot-Off at Desert Sportsman’s Range.  Congrats to Keith Garcia and Lena Miculek for their respective wins.  Thursday was Warrior Appreciation Night at the Venetian to support our vets.  United States Practical Shooting Association, hosted a raffle to support seven different groups for veterans.  I was fortunate enough to learn from USPSA President Phil Strader on Thursday afternoon that my name was pulled for the VSPANN drawing.  And after hours in Vegas I had a chance to see one of my favorite bands (Down) at Hard Rock Café – what a venue, catch a Blue Man Group show for the first time- different….but it was fun watching my wife be chosen by the group for a ten minute part onstage, and then play some cards. Not a bad week overall.

MDay FN Dave

FNS-9 Competition

Special thanks to all the friends who checked in to say hello and to the stream of media who took time to review our products and conduct interviews, but most of all to the FNH employees and crew working the SHOT Show. Things have never been better and there is no place I would rather be. Now it is time to train! Brooke and I will have over 20 major pistol competitions in 2013. I will compete with the FNS and other concept or development pistols by FNH in Steel Challenge, USPSA, Pro-Am, Bianchi, and will work with law enforcement entities to help improve their shooting skills.  We are excited for our 2013 season and will keep you posted.  Whatever you specialize in this season- pistol, rifle, shotgun or all three- we wish you the best! Be safe and remember…..Stand and Fight!

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