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If you do not know Caleb Giddings and Shelley Rae, get to know them! Not only do they and their team run a successful gun related informative blog and website, but are also pristine advertisers! Shelley Rae, Editor of the Western Shooting Journal owns a consulting firm where she is able to bridge a list of marketing connections with in the perimeters of the shooting industry and is also a successful free lance writer. Caleb Giddings is the President of Gun Nuts Media and the Vice President at GunUp, a leading product research site for firearms enthusiasts and home of the largest online shooting sports’ blogs. In their free time, Caleb and Shelley still manage to compete in local and national shooting competitions. During these competitions they are able to snap photos, gather information and manage to increase their marketing contacts, which makes them the best at what they do! Check out their website Gun Nuts Media and get to know Caleb and Shelley Rae!


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