Biography: Dave Sevigny


Performance History – 253 Major Championship Wins – 1999-2018

13x USPSA National Champion

9x Steel Challenge National Iron-Sight Champion

9x IDPA National Champion

7x IDPA Indoor Nationals/Winter Championship

6x Steel Challenge World Iron-Sight Champion

5x Steel Challenge National Rimfire Champion

5x Pro-Am Shooting Champion

3x IPSC National Champion

3x Steel Challenge National Steel Master

2x Steel Challenge World Steel Master

2x Steel Challenge World Rimfire Champion

2x Tactical Shooting National Champion

2x Winchester World Challenge Champion

IPSC World Champion

IPSC Pan-American Champion

NRA Action Pistol World Champion

NRA Bianchi Cup National Champion

Light & Laser Invitational Champion

Winner of 253 state, regional, national and world championships 20 seasons, spanning from 1999-2018


Working as a blue collar employee in the machine trade Dave began recreational pistol shooting in his early 20’s.  The time spent on the range would soon lead to a change in his career path. After his first two seasons in competition, Dave would be recognized as one of the most skilled and accomplished handgun shooters in the world of competitive shooting sports.

Armed only with target shooting experience, one pistol and a commitment to be the best Dave competed in his first few matches in 1997-1998 with his carry pistol.  In 1999, he began practical shooting sports competition in IDPA and USPSA. Using his explosive movement and rising skill, Dave had immediate success at the highest level of competitive shooting…2000: Won his first IDPA Indoor Nationals…2001: Won his first IDPA National Championships and his first USPSA National Championship…2002: Won Steel Challenge World Championship and IPSC World Shoot XIII in Production division.

In the United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) Dave is a 13x National Champion in Production (6x), Limited-10 (4x), Limited (2x) and Single Stack divisions. He is the most accomplished competitor in USPSA history with a striker-fired pistol with 11 of 13 National Championships being won with polymer frame double-action systems.

Dave has more USPSA National Championship wins with striker-fired pistols than any other competitor in the sport.

In IPSC World Shoot competition, Dave competed in three events making it to the podium each time. He has won individual Gold, Silver and Bronze medals along with a team Gold and two Silver medals.


Following 20 illustrious seasons spanning 1999-2018, Dave has accumulated 253 major championships in seven different action handgun shooting sports:  International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA), International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC), NRA Action Pistol (including Bianchi Cup), Pro-Am Shooting & outlaw steel, Steel ChallengeShooting Association, Tactical Shooting Association and United States Practical Shooting Association(USPSA).  Dave is a five-division USPSA Grand Master class competitor and is recognized as the most accomplished competitor today with polymer frame striker-fired pistols. Being a consistent performer is Dave’s theme and his stats in the most prestigious tournaments speak for themselves. In IPSC/USPSA Level V (World) and IV (National) tournaments he has accumulated 18 wins.

During an abbreviated 2018 season Dave won 6 times, including a 9thSteel Challenge National Championship in an Iron Sight Division using Sevigny Sights

2019 marks 15thyear of Sevigny Performance, LLC where hundreds have trained with Dave and thousands have enjoyed the benefits of installing Sevigny sights on their pistols. From his unparalleled accomplishments with Glock and FN pistols, to building on his shooting skills and winning with single stack 1911 and double stack race guns-  Dave has the experience to set you on the right path, whether your goal is to be a competent recreational level or to win a world championship.

Dave Sevigny is a world champion and household name in shooting sports yet he continues to conduct himself as a regular guy, right where he began.  Polite, humble and committed to sharing his experience you will find Dave mixing in with others anywhere he competes.  Off the range, Dave is a husband, father, outdoorsman and hockey player.

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