Warranty Policy

Sevigny Performance Warranty Policy

Only products purchased through Sevigny Performance are covered under the Sevigny Performance Warranty Policy.

Pistol Sights

Metal Parts

All Sevigny and Warren Tactical Series METAL PARTS are warranted for the life of the product.  All Warren Tactical Series sights are to be installed by trained, certified gunsmiths.  Sights that have not been installed correctly are not covered under warranty.  Alteration of sights will void warranty.  No liability is expressed or implied for damage or injury which may result from improper installation or use of this product.

Tritium Lamps

TRITIUM LAMPS are not covered under the Sevigny Performance Warranty Policy.  Please contact Trijicon.

Reference, Trijicon Website: http://www.trijicon.com/na_en/support/warranty.php

The Trijicon green and yellow tritium lamp is warranted to glow for twelve (12) years from date of original manufacture. Lamps covered under the Trijicon, Inc. warranty can be replaced by calling 248-960-7700. Please review Trijicon’s Warranty Policy for more information.

Trijicon return authorization link: http://www.trijicon.com/na_en/support/return_authorization.php


Returns and Exchanges

There is not a fee to return or exchange any items directly purchased from Sevigny Performance. A return authorization must be assigned prior to returning any product to Sevigny Performance.

Items exchanged or returned must be unused and returned as the product was delivered in the original package with the original invoice.  Shipping costs for returned items will not be refunded.



For Sevigny Performance Customer Support or warranty replacement authorization with return address, please contact:

e-mail: info@sevignyperformance.com