Sight Installation Service



Sevigny Performance offers sight installation for 1911 (Novak Cut), FN FNS and Glock slides. This installation is ONLY available to customers purchasing sights from Sevigny Performance. Sight installation will not be provided without the purchase of sights. This service includes ONE installation (one set of sights per one slide). All customers purchasing multiple sights and needing multiple installations, will need to purchase the Sight Installation Service per set of sights and slide.

Customers, please ship slide(s) to: Sevigny Performance, Attn: Sight Installation, P.O.Box 5523, Canton, Georgia 30114

Before shipping slide(s), please remove the barrel and guide rod (including the spring). Front and Rear sights will be guaranteed central within .005 of an inch to the outside dimensions of the slide. If you have any questions regarding installation please email